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Voice Is the Next Big Platform, But Amazon Already Owns It

88129657 story Posted by EditorDavid on Sunday December 25, 2016 @03:34AM from the Alexa-crush-the-competition dept. Six million homes already have an Amazon device with it Alexa voice assistant -- about 5% of all households. But Backchannel argues that Amazon is already dominating the race to become the operating system for future voice-activated devices, with Forrester tech analyst James McQuivey pointing out that "having microphones in your environment is a lot more convenient than pulling out your phone."The Alexa-enabled Echo is a true unicorn, one of those rare products that arrives every few years and fundamentally changes the way we live... After years of false starts, voice interface will finally creep into the mainstream as more people purchase voice-enabled speakers and other gadgets, and as the tech that powers voice starts to improve. Despite competition from Google Home, and a rumored "Home Hub" from Microsoft, Amazon "has a two-year jump on its...(continued)
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