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Watch diver rescue gadgets from their watery grave - CNET


Did you drop your iPhone in a river? You might see if Jake from the DALLMYD YouTube channel found it.

The GoPro-wielding diver has over 900,000 subscribers who follow along on his underwater adventures as he discovers the strange things that lurk on river bottoms. Jake's best-of-2016 video compilation, posted on Saturday, is currently running rampant on YouTube and it's a great introduction to his unusual hobby.

Jake's highlights from the past year include discovering three sunken GoPro cameras, an iPhone, a gun and multiple knives, all found in the Chattahoochee River in Georgia. He doesn't just collect those items. He tries to return the lost gadgets. He also called in the police after the discovery of the firearm.

Jake's altruism doesn't stop there. He cleaned out junk found in the river, rescued a turtle caught in a fishing line and removed a hook stuck in a fish's mouth. He's also a little bit of prankster who occasionally pops up from a dive and scares rafters...(continued)

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