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RIG Grabs 35% of Exploit Kit Market in December

The RIG exploit kit (EK) managed to grab nearly 35% of the overall EK activity during the last month of 2016, retaining the leading spot in the landscape for the fourth month in a row, Symantec reports.

RIG first emerged on cybercrime forums in April 2014, but made it to the headlines only a couple of months later, when it started delivering the CryptoWall file-encrypting ransomware. RIG has been used in various campaignsover the years, and even had its source code leaked online in February 2015.

Despite its success, the EK didn’t make it to the top of the chartsuntil June 2016, when the Angler EK disappeared, leaving a void that other EKs have been trying to fill ever since. Even then, RIG was trailing Neutrino, but this malicious kit disappeared in last September, when RIG started replacing it in various malicious campaigns.

Now, it appears that RIG managed not only to secure the top position in the EK market, but also that it has no worthy rival as of now. According to...(continued)

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