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Command Execution Vulnerability Patched in Ansible

Updates released on Monday for the Ansible IT automation platform address a security bypass vulnerability that can be exploited to execute arbitrary commands on the Ansible controller and gain access to the hosts connected to it.

Ansible is an open-source automation solution acquired by Red Hat in 2015. The platform can be used to automate various tasks, including configuration management, cloud provisioning, application deployment, task execution and multinode orchestration.

The central node in an Ansible installation, known as the controller, is designed to be highly secure. Its attack surface is small as it does not expose any services to hosts. However, there is a weak spot that researchers from Netherlands-based Computest have found a way to exploit.

The Ansible controller receives so-called “facts” about the remote systems it manages and uses them for various purposes. Certain facts are filtered in order to prevent abuse, but experts have identified six different...(continued)

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