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Google is giving us a VR symphony because we could all use a break - CNET


If, for some reason, you find yourself in desperate need of a middle-of-the-day escape, then Google has just the thing: a VR symphony.

The music will come straight from the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, where Google Arts & Culture is set to broadcast a live performance celebrating the concert hall's opening. Festivities are set to begin at 6:30 PM central European time -- that's 12:30 PM EST for those of us here in the States. You'll be able to watch the 360 degree video here in your browser, or on a headset that supports VR playback of YouTube's 360-degree videos. For full enjoyment of the Elbphilharmonie, Google recommends downloading the Arts & Culture app to your Android or iOS device.

Described as a means of discovering artwork, collections, and stories from all around the world, Google Arts & Culture sees itself as a cultural institution that uses technology to preserve and safeguard our global history and heritage.

And, if that adds up to a perfectly-timed...(continued)

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