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The downside to the developer revolution: Big data (in)security

Image: iStockphoto/KrulUA

From the headlines ("MongoDB ransacked: Now 27,000 databases hit in mass ransom attacks"), it would be easy to conclude that MongoDB is weak on security. It would also be wrong. Though ransomware attacks on the popular NoSQL database are mounting, the fault lies less with the database itself and more with those who deploy it.

Before we start blaming IT for this mess, Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker has warned that it's worth considering that IT may never have known about the exposed databases in the first place, revealing the downside to the "developers are the new kingmakers" mantra that fuels so much technology adoption today. Unless DevOps-style developers start to think as much about "ops" as they do about "dev," big data and the data infrastructure that fuels it will be at risk for big problems.

What, me worry about security?

One of the reasons that MongoDB has quickly risen to become one of the world's most popular databases is its...(continued)

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