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Verified Twitter accounts compromised, get busy spamming


Verified Twitter accounts tend to be a little more secure than those belonging to non-verified users due to the amount of extra hoop jumping required to get one of those ticks in the first place. A number of security requirements, including providing a phone number and setting up 2FA, are all things a would-be verified Twitter user needs to do.

In theory, it should be somewhat tricky to compromise those accounts – it wouldn’t really help Twitter if their theoretically appealing verified accounts were firing out Viagra spam all day long. Brand reputation and all that.

And yet…in the space of a few hours last week, we had multiple verified users hitting the “I’ve been compromised” wall of doom and gloom.

Denise Crosby of Star Trek: TNG fame (Tasha Yar, anyone?) found her accountpushing porno dating links:

The same fate befellJennifer Kaytin (creator of MTV show Sweet / Dangerous), sending eager clickers to a Tumblr redirect leading to dating spam:

Elsewhere, Alex Jones – a well...(continued)

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