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New Zealand To Bring Ultrafast Internet To 85 Percent Of Population


Yet again, up to the readers to do the job of the editors for them. How fast exactly is Ultra-Fast? Here is an extract from the New Zealand UFB page [] which also makes it clear that it is a replacement of existing ADSL with FTTH.

In particular UFB upload speeds are typically at between 10-50 times faster than ADSL’s average 1MB/s upload.

The most popular offerings (utilising GPON technology) are currently:

– 30Mb/s download, 10Mb/s upload – 100Mb/s download, 50Mb/s upload

Businesses and other organisations are able to purchase P2P (Point-to-Point) UFB fibre connections of up to 1Gigabit/s (1000Mb/s).

Editors - get a clue.When you take news articles from all sorts of publications and present them to a largely homogenous readership, you can put in a little bit of additional effort to account for any assumptions the original sources may have made about their readers. Do not teach the slashdot crowd what JavaScript is. Do not assume everybody reading this story on...(continued)

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