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Homograph Attack Spoofing Domains


The ISBuzz Post: This Post Homograph Attack Spoofing Domains appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

Following the news that Spoofedapple.comlinks are tricking people into visiting Russian domains in what is called a “homograph attack”, which was meant to be fixed more than a decade ago. Tim Helming, Director at DomainTools commented below.

Tim Helming, Director at DomainTools:

“Cybersquatting–registering and using domains intended to spoof well-known entities–is a huge and global business. These homographs, which can be very hard to detect even for those who are vigilant, are just one of many techniques used by criminals to lure users into giving up credentials or other sensitive information, downloading malware, etc. To complicate matters, domain registrars generally do not put guardrails in place to prevent such registrations. Multiplythe many possible homographs of any given wordby the myriad top-level domains (.com, .net, etc. as well as the newer ones...(continued)

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