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'Alien Covenant' unleashes Neomorph photo plus creepy videos - CNET

Warning: Possible spoilers for "Alien Covenant" ahead.

Three new images from the upcoming "Alien: Covenant" are out, and while two of them are pretty calm (if spoilery), the third is one that you don't want to view while eating lunch.

The photos appear in the new issue of Empire Magazine, and might offer some plot spoilers, so turn away now if you want to be surprised.

One shows "a mysterious figure on the Engineer's planet, unleashing pods previously seen in 'Prometheus.'" There are plenty of rumors as to who the figure is, so if you'd like to join in the social-media speculation, feel free.

Whoever you think the person in the first photo is, the second photo definitely shows Michael Fassbender, and the magazine describes him as "returning in one of his dual roles as the android David in what appears to be a flashback with Weyland Industries CEO Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce)."

But it's the third Empire image that has fans buzzing. And possibly, retching. It's the Neomorph...(continued)

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