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Tiny 'Game of Thrones' figures are carved out of pencil lead - CNET

Tiny 'Game of Thrones' figures are carved out of pencil lead

"Game of Thrones" won't return to our screens until July, but the festivities are already ramping up. HBO is holding an exhibition in Singapore showcasing 16 of the series' most iconic figures -- in sculptures small enough to sit atop a pencil.

Photo by: HBO Asia

Russian artist Salavat Fidai chiselled every microsculpture onto graphite by hand. Fidai says he has been creating micro-figures on pencil tips since end 2014.

Photo by: HBO Asia

This is what Fidai sees through his microscope.

Photo by: Zoey Chong/CNET

The making of the Stark Sigil -- one of Fidai's three favorites in this collection. Fidai says the entire process can take from one day to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the figure.

Photo by: HBO Asia

The completed works are housed in glass domes to keep our grubby fingers away. Pictured here is a White Walker.

Photo by: HBO Asia

The microsculptures were created on 6 mm...(continued)

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