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C-93 Virus Warning Email a Phishing Scam; Beware Windows Outlook Message ... - The Epoch Times


Users have been receiving emails that purport to be from Windows Outlook saying their computer has a “C93 Virus” and need to run a scan.

Inside the email, there’s a link (which should not be clicked) to run a Norton anti-virus scan.

However, the link actually takes one to a bogus website that is intended to trick users into handing over their Microsoft Account login information.

Here’s what the email says:

“Dear Outlook Member, A C93 Virus has been detected in your mailbox, You are required to apply the new Norton AV security anti-virus to scan and to remove all Trojan and viral bugs from your mailbox Account, Failure to apply the scan your mailbox will be De-Activated to avoid our database from being infected.

Click on Optimal Scan and Log in to apply the service. Thank you, Windows Outlook.”

According to Online Threat Alerts, “Once the cyber-criminals have gotten a hold of your username and password, they will hijack your email account and use it for malicious purposes.”


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