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You Can Steal Windows Login Credentials via Google Chrome and SCF Files


Just by accessing a folder containing a malicious SCF file, a user will unwittingly share his computer's login credentials with an attacker via Google Chrome and the SMB protocol.

This technique is not new, but a combination of two different techniques, one taken from the Stuxnet operation, and one detailed by a security researcher at the Black Hat security conference.

SCF files as bearer of bad news

This attack — pieced together by Serbian security researcher Bosko Stankovic of DefenseCode — is centered around SCF files.

SCF stands for Shell Command File and is a file format that supports a very limited set of Windows Explorer commands, such as opening a Windows Explorer window or showing the Desktop. The "Show Desktop" shortcut we all use on a daily basis is an SCF file.

Just like LNK files (shortcuts), SCF files, when stored on disk, will retrieve an icon file when the user loads the file in a Windows Explorer window.

For many years, LNK files were allowed to store the...(continued)

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