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Phishing attacks on email users are successful 45 percent of the time: study - Firstpost


More internet users are being lured into revealing personal information as they log into bogus emails, says a new study. Certain websites included in phishing emails successfully lure users up to 45 percent of the time, according to the study.

In a phishing attack, victims are sent deceptive messages that trick you into handing over your username, password, and other personal info.

Once on the bogus pages – which tend to imitate legitimate sites, like Google itself, in an effort to obtain people’s private details – 14 percent of people unwittingly submit their information to hackers. Researchers said the percentage of people who get tricked was “much higher” than they expected.

To reach this conclusion, the team looked at 100 phishing emails self-reported by Gmail users. The team also reviewed 100 phishing websites caught by Google’s Safe Browsing system. They found that even on the worst-performing phishing websites, three percent of users still submitted their data.


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