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There's a WannaCry fix now, with some caveats - CNET

French researchers released WanaKiwi, a possible solution for WannaCry victims. Comae Technologies

As the WannaCry deadline looms and hundreds of thousands of people risk losing important files encrypted by malware, a last-minute fix has arrived.

Cybersecurity researchers on Thursday released a key to help decrypt files that have been locked away by WannaCry. The ransomware struck last Friday, ensnaring more than 300,000 computers around the world and netting more than $93,000 since then.

With ransomware, victims tend to be limited in their options: Either pay up or accept that you've lost your files. In some cases, organizations like No More Ransom create repositories of keys that help people free their files.

Now comes WanaKiwi, the first instance of a possible savior for those hit by the global ransomware attack. The fix is for a very specific set of victims: people on versions from Windows XP to Windows 7 who haven't rebooted their infected computers.

So if you've...(continued)

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