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Fileless Ransomware Spreads via EternalBlue Exploit

A newly discovered ransomware family was found to be using the NSA-linked EternalBlue exploit for distribution and is capable of fileless infection, researchers have discovered.

Dubbed UIWIX, the malware was initially spotted on Monday, when theWannaCry outbreakwas in the spotlight. The threat spreads by exploitingthe same vulnerability in Windows SMBv1 and SMBv2 that WannaCry does.

Unlike WannaCry, UIWIX is executed in memory after exploiting EternalBlue, with no files or components being written to disk. This “greatly reduces its footprint and in turn makes detection trickier,” Trend Micro explains.

Furthermore, the security researchers say this ransomware family is also stealthier, containing code that allows it to terminate itself if a virtual machine (VM) or sandbox is detected. UIWIX also contains code that gathers the infected system’s browser login, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), email, and messenger credentials.

Unlike WannaCry, UIWIX doesn’t use autostart and...(continued)

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