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Comodo database glitch causes billing problems


While the rest of the world had its eyes firmly on the WannaCrypt outbreak, digital certificate firm Comodo suffered an unrelated but protracted database problem that affected its billing systems.

El Reg learnt of the issue from reader Ian Barber who came across the problem in the process get a new SSL certificate from Comodo activated last Friday (12 May). "It appears that Comodo having some issues. The scary bit is where they say they have restored to a database nine days old," he said to El Reg in reaction to an emailed alert on the issue he received from Comodo (extract below)

We regret to say that, due to a database system error, Comodo’s CA license database is having to be being restored. The initial restore has already taken place and all orders placed before 03-May-2017 12:19:52 UTC are being correctly managed.Some orders placed after 03-May-2017 12:19:52 UTC may not be obtainable. We are currently working on resolving this. We do understand your situation. We...(continued)
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