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Dear Travis Kalanick, watch this deodorant ad - CNET


Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Uber interns? Unilever North America

There's a certain smell that wafts around Uber.

It's an aroma of hair-raising haughtiness blended with an unhealthy stench of Neanderthal masculinity.

Dear Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, you can change. Not fake PR change. Real change.

I'm going to help you. Here's a new ad for Axe. For years, this popular young man's deodorant brand was the very symbol of male stereotyping. Yes, just like you.

But now look.

The ad is based on Google searches that young men have made, as they struggle with what it is to be a "real man."

"Is it OK to not like sports?... To be a virgin? ... To experiment with other guys?" it asks. "Is it OK for guys to wear pink? ... To be nervous? ... To like cats? ... To be depressed? ... To be scared?"

Unilever, the brand's owner, said in a press release that 59 percent of young men believe they should act strong even if they...(continued)

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