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News in brief: twins fox bank’s voice security; FCC moves on net neutrality; torrent site closes


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Twins thwart bank voice recognition

A bank has said it will review its security procedures after a reporter and his twin brother tricked its voice authentication service.

HSBC claimed last year when it launched its voice recognition system that it was secure, saying that “just like your fingerprint, your voice print is unique”.

However, BBC reporter Dan Simmons set up an account with HSBC and then tried the voice authentication with his non-identical twin, Joe. Joe was able to log in, get balances and he was offered the chance to transfer money between accounts.

Joe told the BBC: “What’s really alarming is that the bank allowed me seven attempts to mimic my brother’s voiceprint and get it wrong before I got in at the eighth time of trying.”

HSBC said that it would review the system after the twins told them what had happened.

FCC votes to undo net neutrality

Net neutrality suffered a blow as the Federal...(continued)

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