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Terror Exploit Kit Evolves Into Larger Threat


The relatively new Terror exploit kit is bucking the downward trend in the EK market, and is steadily evolving into more of athreat.

Researchers at Cisco Talos saidTerror has abandoned anearly strategy that included “carpet-bombing” a target’s browser to one that now uses exploits that precisely target a victim’s particular browser configuration. It’s alsoequipped with anti-detection features.

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The kit isone of several new players that surfaced after the market consolidated last year, according to Cisco. “When Angler and friends disappeared, new EKs started to try their luck. Many of them were far from Angler’s quality. One of these was Terror EK,” wrote Holger Unterbrink and Emmanuel Tacheau, researchers at Cisco who posted their research Thursday.

Over the past several months, researchers say they have seen a “fast evolution up to the latest version” of Terror.

“We identified a...(continued)

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