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Calling time of death on HHS’s “breach tool”

I was excitedback in 2010 when HHS started posting breaches on whatsome would call the “wall of shame.” Iknew that we’d only learn about breaches involvingHIPAA-covered entities, but at least wewerefinally starting to get some actual data.Now,more than 7 years later, it’s become clear to me that it’s probably best to just call time of death on the breach tool, despite its popularity with marketers who look for numbers to support their sales pitches.

Inthis post, Ireview some ofwhat we arenot seeing on HHS’s breach tool, andwhyit’s really not a source of accurate or helpfulinformation for those who want to understand breaches and incidents involving health or medical data.

Have You Checked the Dark Web Recently?

Last June, when TheDarkOverlord made headlines by advertising patient databasesfor sale at absurd prices, it was a bit ofa wake-up call for me. I had never checked any dark web marketplaces for patient data that might be up forsale. Nowadays, I do, and I...(continued)

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