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Exclusive: Upcoming Windows 10 Version May Have Built-in EMET to Boost Security

It seems Microsoft is planning to build its EMET anti-exploit tool into the kernel of Windows 10 Creator Update (also known as RedStone 3), which is expected to release in September/October 2017.

So you may not have to separately download and install EMET in the upcoming version of the Windows 10.

If true, this would be the second big change Microsoft is making in its Windows 10 Fall update after planning to remove SMBv1 to enhance its users security.

EMET or Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit is a free anti-exploit toolkit for Microsoft's Windows operating systems designed to boost the security of your computer against complex threats such as zero-day vulnerabilities.

"EMET helps protect your computer systems even before new and undiscovered threats are formally addressed by security updates and antimalware software," Microsoft site reads. Most EMET features are already built into Windows 10 including DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and ASLR (Address Space Layout...(continued)

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