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What ever happened to 'FIDO Alliance' that was going to revolutionize authentication?


What ever happened to the "FIDO Alliance," that industry group that first showed up a year ago saying it was going to revolutionize e-commerce online authentication by promoting a new multi-factor authentication protocol? Turns out the revolution in security is slow in coming but they're making some progress.

The Fast IDentity Online Alliance, as it's officially known started with six founding members, including PayPal chief information security officer Michael Barrett and the start-up Nok Nok Labs, founded by Ramesh Kesanupalli, as a core technology provider. Nok Nok Labs is building prototype code to support the new authentication specification called the Online Security Transaction Protocol (OSTP).

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The idea behind OSTP is it would add a way to let the user with a FIDO-enabled device to...(continued)

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