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Tendulkar wants your number on Twitter, what do you do?


If you’re from North America you might not have heard of Sachin Tendulkar, especially since his retirement from the glorious game of cricket, but it’s fair to say that he was rather good at batting.

If you were to combine the run-geting prowess of, say, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa into one modestly-sized fellow – Tendulkar stands just 165cm tall, or 5’5″, giving him the nickname of Little Master – you would have some sense of how plentifully he could score runs for his team.

Cricket, in case you are unaware, is a sort-of cousin of baseball, but without the ludicrous trousers, and with a more gracefully shaped playing field that allows you to hit the ball in any direction, including sideways or even backwards. The underlying aim of the game is the same: for the batter to hit the ball as far as possible, preferably into the upper tiers of the stadium where a bevy of enthusiastic spectators will trip over each other in a rush to injure their fingers while failing...(continued)

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