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Bosch brings anti-lock brakes to bicycles - Roadshow

Bosch developed an anti-lock brake system for e-bikes, which leads to safe stops on a variety of surfaces. Wayne Cunningham/CNET Roadshow

Most bicycle riders experience the dreaded endo at some point. The front brake grabs too hard and suddenly your rear wheel head towards the sky, catapulting you towards a painful meeting with the road. Bosch's new anti-lock brake system (ABS) for bicycles makes the endo a thing of the past.

ABS, now standard on cars and available on some motorcycles, pulses the brakes, preventing tires from skidding to shorten stopping distances and keep the vehicle in control. Bosch's system for bikes works similarly, although it only needs to work on the front wheel.

During a tech day at the Bosch proving grounds in Boxberg, Germany, sponsored by Bosch, I straddled one of the ABS demonstration bikes and, following instructions, pedaled like mad before grabbing just the front brake as hard as I could. With little drama, the front wheel refused to skid,...(continued)

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