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Do It Yourself NSA Bulldozer Hardware Implant


This article is the second part of a series on NSA BIOS Backdoor internals. This part focuses on BULLDOZER, a hardware implant acting as malware dropper and wireless communication “hub” for NSA covert operations. Despite that BULLDOZER is a hardware, I still use the word “malware” when referring to it because it’s a malicious hardware. Perhaps the term “malware” should refer to both malicious software and malicious hardware, instead of referring only to the former.

I’d like to point out why the BULLDOZER is classified as “god mode” malware. Contrary to DEITYBOUNCE, BULLDOZER is not a name in the realms of “gods”. However, BULLDOZER provides capabilities similar to “god mode” cheat in video games—which make the player using it close to being invincible—to its payload, GINSU. Therefore, it’s still suitable to be called god mode malware. The presence of BULLDOZER is very hard to detect, even with the most sophisticated anti malware tool during its possible deployment...(continued)

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