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A Recap of the Infosec Conference – Day 3


Let’s get right into the presentations this time, shall we?

First up was “Scanning 0/0,” a talk presented by Mark Schloesser from Rapid7. There are several players active in this area of Internet-wide scanning, including shadowserver, the University of Michigan, shodan, and Erratasec. They all use specific tools, such as nmap, massscan, zmap. Those tools enable entities to scan the entire internet in 45 minutes from 1 machine with 1 gb/s.

Schloesser talked a bit about “The Internet Census 2012” – the guy who hacked 400,000-500,000 devices that had standard passwords and used them to scan the entire internet for all ports and banners. A little history on worldwide vulnerabilities was presented. IPMI, UPnP, and NTP were all covered. Scholesser emphasized the fact that Rapid7 has always been paying attention to these issues.

There are currently around 10k routers with no telnet password at all; you’re just logged in as admin per default upon connecting. There are also devices...(continued)

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