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DNA Contains Instructions for Biological and Computer Viruses

University of Washington scientists have created an experiment that shows how DNA can be used to not only create biologic viruses, but also viruses that can infect computers. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is one of the oldest methods for storing information. It is found in almost all living cells and DNA information is used in nature to determine “traits as diverse as the color of a person’s eyes, the scent of a rose, and the way in which bacteria infect a lung cell.“ It is comprised of four different “nucleotides,” which combine in different ways to provide genetic instructions for different outcomes. I like to think of it like binary machine code where the combinations of 0’s and 1’s are combined to define a program for a computer to execute. This is probably a common analogy since scientists have been encoding digital data into organic DNA for a while now. In 2012,Harvard researchers encoded an entire book in DNA. In 2013,researchers at the European Bioinformatics...(continued)
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