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HBO's 'GoT' attack shows hackers love preying on Hollywood - CNET

Hackers are starting to target Hollywood, thanks to the potential for a massive payday. Aaron Robinson/CNET

"Game of Thrones" and HBO are facing a dragon they can't slay: hackers.

Hollywood has become the next major target for cybercriminals, with hackers going after its weak security and massive paydays. HBO is only the latest victim, as thieves leaked emails and scripts from "Game of Thrones" and other HBO shows onto the web, promising to release more unless the network pays a hefty fee.

A source close to the investigation said the hackers wanted $6 million to stop leaking "Game of Thrones" spoilers, episodes of "Ballers," and various internal documents.

The attack marks an escalation of online threats for Hollywood studios, which previously were on the lookout for piracy, and for fans who'd post movies or shows online for others to watch for free. HBO is well aware of those issues. It had to deal with more than 10 million Americans who were planning on watching "Game of...(continued)

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