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Where giants are born - CNET


An hour's drive outside the French city of Toulouse, just beyond farmhouses set in verdant fields and rose-colored villages basking in an early spring sunset, sits an unexpected sight: six sections of the world's largest commercial airplane.

I've arrived not at an airplane graveyard, but at the starting point for the final leg of the Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit, the route that Airbus uses to transport parts of its ginormous A380 airliner to Toulouse for final assembly. The newly built wings, tailplane (or horizontal stabilizer) and three fuselage sections that will make up an A380 destined for Qatar Airways balance on a convoy of trucks in a large concrete lot. It's a surreal sight, especially in a rural field in southwestern France.

A grand itinerary

An impressive feat of logistics, the Itinéraire is almost as complicated as the giant A380 itself. Because the aircraft's parts are so enormous (see gallery) -- Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit roughly translates to "oversize...(continued)

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