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Raunchy replicants and amorous aliens: How real is sci-fi sex? - CNET

Warning: This story contains descriptions of racy onscreen sex -- and seductive aliens.

In Woody Allen's 1973 comic caper "Sleeper," 22nd-century citizens hop into a machine called the Orgasmatron for instant sexual gratification. Sounds pretty fantastical if your idea of high-tech sex is Netflix and chill, but as we slip into wearables that measure pelvic thrusts and have sex with increasingly lifelike robots, it seems the steamiest moments in sci-fi movies and TV shows might be coming sooner than you think.

As part of our CNET special report Turned On exploring the intersection of technology and sex, we take a romp with onscreen science fiction to see what's already made its way into our beds and what still awaits our touch.

Now let's lie back and think of the future.

Sci-fi often looks to tech to provide an alternative to all that icky, sticky physical fumbling. The 1968 sexploitation classic "Barbarella" sees lovers of the far future taking "exaltation-transference...(continued)

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