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IoT is Probably Your Biggest Enterprise Security Risk


We are in the midst of an explosion of IoT-enabled devices and apps, connecting everything from the steps you take to the precise temperature of your room. Mundane inner-workings of office buildings are becoming fully automated and cars are now wirelessly coupled to the world around them. We are not just connected from the moment we wake up to the second we turn out the lights—processes that we put in place during our waking hours are carried out by devices overnight.

This connectivity might make things convenient, but it can expose its users to an unprecedented level of risk.

IoT is set to become a raging inferno of cyber-attacks and until recently, the entire ecosystem has largely been ignored. On an enterprise level, environments are now filled with hundreds of thousands of devices on constant alert, continually receiving information, exchanging commands, and dumping data. In October of 2016 we saw the first major use of compromised IoT devices to launch one of the...(continued)

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