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Exploit leaks led to 5M cybersecurity attacks in Q2, report says


Exploit packages in-the-wild dominated the Q2 cyberthreat landscape, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab released Wednesday. In the past three months, the firm noted more than 5 million attacks that involved exploits from archives leaked on the web, with growth peaking at the end of the quarter, indicating that the threat is likely to continue into Q3.

Attacks conducted via exploits are among the most effective, Kaspersky Lab noted, as they do not typically require any user interaction, and therefore can deliver malicious code without the user's knowledge. These tools are widely used by both cybercriminals looking to steal money from companies and individuals, and in more targeted attacks seeking sensitive information.

Q2 saw a large wave of these attacks due to a large number of exploits that were leaked on the web, Kaspersky Lab reported. And 82% of all attacks within the quarter were detected in the past 30 days alone. Shadow Brokers' publication of the "Lost in...(continued)

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