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News in brief: micro robots cure infections; Scottish Parliament hacked; Google Allo on desktops


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Micro robots heal infections in mice

Micro robots could soon be used to administer drugs to fight diseases.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have been using micromotors, the width of a human hair, to treat stomach infections in mice.

For five days the team used bubbles to drive doses of antibiotics into the stomach walls. They discovered that the method was more successful than regular doses, which can be demolished by the body before they can treat the disease.

The minute robot comprises of a spherical core of magnesium, covered in several layers for protection, treatment and to allow it to stick to the stomach walls. Once a robot is swallowed, the magnesium and stomach acids react to create hydrogen bubbles that force the motors around.

The process encourages acidity levels to be temporarily reduced. The micromotor responds to the surrounding acidity, releasing the antibiotics when the...(continued)

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