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Prevention is a key defense, says chief of UN Global Programme on Cybercrime


Cybercrime is everywhere. "Irrespective of what [policy-makers] wish to call it ... [digital crime] is still happening," said Neil Walsh, Chief of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Global Cybercrime Programme in an interview with TechRepublic's Dan Patterson.

The definition of cybercrime varies from country to country which is one of the biggest political challenges, Walsh said. He simplifies cybercrime by classifying it under two different categories: cyber-dependent crime, or cyber-enabled crime.

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Cybercriminals can vary from everything to a teenager with coding skills acting alone, to nation states with intelligence agencies. As the amount of money to be made by cybercrime grows, the number of cybercriminals will too.

Prevention is a key player in defending cybercrime, said Walsh.. Many organizations have heard that people are the biggest risks to their secure systems. However, if...(continued)

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