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Phishing On The Rise, CEOs Most Likely To Be Spoofed

by Jess Nelson , 30 minutes ago

Cybercriminals are shifting tactics and prioritizing phishing-related scams, according to a recent RiskIQ report.

Malvertising activity -- described by RiskIQ as phishing scams, exploitkits, and malware -- has risen 19% since the first quarter, according to the study. Although malvertisingoverall is on the rise, the use of malware and exploit kits have actually both decreased over the past quarter. The RiskIQ report suggests that cybercriminals are switching tactics to prioritizephishing-related scams, as phishing has increased 131.36% quarter-over-quarter.

CEO email addresses are the most likely to be spoofed, according to Trend Micro’s 2017 Midyear Security Roundup: The Cost of Compromisereport, and CFOs are themost targeted members of an organization. This type of business email compromise (BEC) scam relies on social engineering, so cybercriminals are pretending to be a company’s CEO to trick thefinance department to release confidential...(continued)

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