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No, Windows 10 Linux support won't put millions at risk, says Microsoft


Microsoft has said there is low risk of attackers exploiting Windows 10's Subsystem for Linux to allow malware to bypass security software—after researchers claimed 400 million computers could be at risk.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a feature of Windows 10 that allows it to run native Linux software and distros, could be exploited to run undetectable malware, security researchers at Checkpoint warned.

However, Microsoft and other security researchers have pointed out that the WSL is not enabled by default, and that a system would likely already have to be compromised to enable such an attack.

Researchers from Checkpoint outlined a four stage 'Bashware' attack that would see malware enabling the WSL, enabling Windows 10's Developer Mode, installing the Linux file system and downloading and running Wine to run malware from inside of a Linux distro.

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