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iPhone X widens the gap between tech haves and have-nots - CNET


This wasn't the typical start to an Apple event.

Rather than a loud, slickly produced marketing video, Apple played an audio clip of late co-founder Steve Jobs speaking about creating "wonderful things" as his way of showing appreciation for humanity. Later on, an image flashed of Jobs holding the original iPhone during its launch 10 years ago.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reminisced about how the first iPhone "changed the world."

Lost in the pomp and circumstance, however, was another key anniversary date: Sept. 5, 2007.

The iPhone X has a radical new design compared to the more subtle changes to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. James Martin/CNET

That's when Apple slashed the price of its iPhone by $200 to $399, a little more than two months after the launch. The move upset a lot of early adopters who'd paid full price, but Jobs knew Apple had a hit on its hand and he wanted to pump up demand.

"We've clearly got a breakthrough product and we want to make it affordable for even more...(continued)

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