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No holds barred? TheDarkOverlord threatens students with physical violence to send FBI a message to back off has been reporting on TheDarkOverlord (TDO) since they first burst on the scene in June, 2016. Since then, this site has reported on numerous attacks by them on health care entities, financialand business entities, a Hollywood post-production studio,and a defense contractor.

Nowthey have begun to target the education sector, and an official at the the U.S. Department of Education tells it is looking into what it can do in response.

Upping the ante with threats of physical violence

In September, TDO attackedFlathead County schools in Montana, and hit them in a way that they have only rarely used before – reaching out to send highly personalized messages with threats of violence. More typical of TDO, they also sent a lengthy and detailed letter to the district that included excerpts of very personal and detailed information on students taken from records the hackers had managed to access and acquire. The message was clear: the hackers were in...(continued)

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