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'Hola señorita' says smart camera as it follows owner's every move


A so-called 'smart' camera whispered "hola señorita" to its Dutch owner as it tracked her movements around the room unnoticed.

It's unclear when all of this befell Rilana Hamer, a claims adviser who lives in Brummen, Netherlands. But it appears it happened without warning.

About a month or two previously, the woman had purchased a smart camera that connects to a Wi-Fi network. She had done so in order to keep an eye on her new puppy. (Of course, anyone who's ever owned a puppy knows it's also entirely possible that a puppy could mess with the camera while it's left at home anyway.)

But back to our story...

Rilana writes what happened one evening in a Facebook post:

"For a moment, I thought I was going crazy. I come home and do my daily things. Shopping and cleaning these up, singing through your house... until you hear something mess in the living room. I walked into the living room and I saw my camera move."

She thought it was just her, so she went about her business. But...(continued)

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