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SAP Vora 2.0 ushers in containers, Kubernetes, tighter HANA integration


SAP Vora is the German Enterprise software company's Apache Spark-based front-end for dimensional query of data stored in HANA, Hadoop-based data lakes and other data repositories, including Amazon S3. It allows users to define a dimensional model over their data and then leverages a push-down architecture to query the data sources without requiring the data to be moved or replicated.

Introduced in preview form a little over two years ago and made generally available in March, 2016 under the name HANA Vora, SAP is today announcing a refreshed version of the product: Vora 2.0.

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Containers and Spark, two This new version of Vora uses a container architecture for deployment and leverages the Kubernetes platform for deployment and cluster management. This makes the product more cloud-ready and, indeed, more hybrid-ready too, as container-based deployment is more dynamic and configurable.

The 2.0...(continued)

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