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Will Kaspersky Lab Survive the Russia Hacking Scandal?


Anti-Malware , Cybersecurity , Data Breach

Will Kaspersky Lab Survive the Russia Hacking Scandal? Analysis: If RSA's NSA Scandal Is a Guide, Russian Anti-Virus Firm Will Survive Jeremy Kirk (jeremy_kirk) • October 12, 2017 Kaspersky Lab's Moscow headquarters. (Photo: Mikhail Deynekin via Creative Commons)

It's a tale that reads stranger than fiction, a true Tom Clancy-style yarn: Israeli spies hacked into Kaspersky Lab's network and discovered that the Russian government was using the company's widely installed anti-virus software to spy on U.S. intelligence agencies.

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Tension and rumors over how the Russian government might be using or misusing Kaspersky Lab have been building for months, if not years. In July, the U.S. General Services Administration removed Kaspersky Lab's software from its list of approved IT vendors. Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security banned the software and ordered it to be removed...(continued)

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