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Netflix phishing attack is not chill, targets business emails - The INQUIRER

Netflix users should look out for a phishing mails

A PHISHING AWARENESS OUTFIThas discovered a phishing attack that targets both the business and personal accounts of Netflix users.

PhishMe, the angling outfit, reports that the phishing attack looks like a Netflix account renewal email and smells like a Netflix account renewal email. It adds that the option to update bags the phishing bad guys debit or credit card details as well as the usual personal information.

The card swipe is a big one and unlike regular payment taking forms it wants yourmother's maiden name. This may be a red flag for some, but with people we cannot be sure.

Oh, and this ain't the first phishing rodeo that Netflix users have had to face.

"Everyone has accounts for these consumer services. Attackers are not always discriminant in who receives their phishing messages. If the threat actor can find examples of password reuse, phishing a consumer service like Netflix might lead to illicit access to an...(continued)

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