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Redefining the Role of HHS CISO


CISO , Cybersecurity , Governance

Congress needs to elevate the position of the CISO at the Department of Health and Human Services so that the job not only has responsibilities within the agency but also an official role in helping the healthcare sector improve its cybersecurity, says Samantha Burch of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Elevating the HHS CISO role to be a peer of the HHS CIO was one of several core recommendations made by HIMSS, a non-profit association representing more than 68,000 health IT and security professionals in North America, as part of its annual "Congressional asks," Burch explains in an interview with Information Security Media Group.

"This year we focused on what we thought was a critical ... and that's ensuring that the leadership was there at HHS to help the sector have a more proactive stance on cyber - that external-facing role," she says. "And the way we structured this was the elevation of the HHS CISO. We...(continued)

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