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Akamai Identifies 14K-Strong Fast Flux Botnet


Researchers at Akamai have identified a botnet of over 14,000 IP addresses used in malware distribution operations. The botnet is still up and running, and experts believe it will be hard to take it down because its operators are employing a clever technique called Fast Flux.

The principle behind the Fast Flux technique is that someone hosts a domain using multiple IP addresses by switching the domain from one IP to another after short intervals, hence the technique's name of a domain going through a fast flux (flow) of IPs.

Malware authors have first used fast fluxing in late 2006. The first malware to use it was the Storm Worm, which deployed it to hide the IP addresses for its command and control (C&C) servers. The massive Avalanche malware-hosting network also used Fast Flux to hide its infrastructure.

Botnet used to host malware operations

Speaking at the Akamai EDGE 2017 conference yesterday, Akamai researchers revealed the existence of a similar Avalanche-like...(continued)

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