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IoT knife fight: OT or IT? Part I

A Looming Management Problem

Boy Scouts was a fun time for me. Yes, I looked like a dork in my shorts and high socks. The proverbial cute girls in a convertible even singled me out one time while I was selling Scout show tickets door-to-door. While they were making fun of me, whistling and asking me if I sold more with the socks up or down, all I could think of as my face started burning with embarrassment is how they had no idea what we would be doing at the show. How cool our spectacle of an exhibit was going to be. My dad and I decided to alloy metal — bronze, to be exact — to make metal belt buckles right in the parking lot of the Astro Hall (which was the convention site for the Astrodome). I doubt they would have made much fun of me if they had seen me in my fire suit, rock wool gloves and a smelter’s mask wrestling with Kelvin-level heat over a homemade smelting unit made with yard blowers while pouring boiling metal into casts. While trying to not get burned or...(continued)

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