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These Cities House the Largest Bot Populations in the U.S.

Botnets are widespread worldwide, serving whichever purpose they were designed to, and the United States is one of the largest sources of botnet attacks. Across the country, Chicago and Washington D.C. are home to the largest number of bots (infected hosts), Symantec has discovered.

According to the security company, Chicago currently hosts 4.69% of the bots in the U. S., while Washington, D.C. hosts 4.13% of them. Atlanta is placed third, with 3.49% of the bots, followed by Ashburn (3.23%) and New York (3.22%). Portland (3.18%), Los Angeles (2.02%), Las Vegas (1.98%), San Jose (1.96%), and Tampa (1.57%) round up top 10.

These bots represent Internet-connected devices of any kind (including laptops, phones, connected devices, baby monitors, servers, etc.), which can be remotely controlled by attackers after being infected with malware. Based on the malware infecting them and on their operators, these devices work together in networks called botnets.

The bots are usually...(continued)

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