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IoT knife fight: OT or IT? Part II


This is part two of a two-part series. Read partone here.

Boy Scouts was more than simply a fun time. It was a learning experience that doesn’t get talked about much, mainly because of the funny socks and overly tight shorts. I went to my first campout in the piney woods of Texas. Mom wanted me to make friends easily, so she packed a bunch of granola bars in my new backpack so I could share them with the other scouts. When I set up my tent, I thought I was being neat and clean when I put my backpack under my cot (makeshift bed). I then went out to play capture the flag at dusk, ate dinner by the campfire, told stories and finally got peckish enough to run back to my tent for the granola bars. When I got to my tent, my clothes had been scattered on the ground and the granola bars were nowhere to be found. I started to get upset and angry that someone had gone into my tent and taken them. I looked around, asked accusing questions to people in other tents and scoured the...(continued)

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