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Mr Robot season 3 eps3.0_Power-Saver-Mode.H – the security review


For those of you who have been reading Naked Security for at least a year, you may remember that last year I wrote security-centric posts on Mr. Robot season 2 episodes, as they aired.

The show has earned a lot of accolades from the infosec community for its commitment to accurately portraying key security and hacking concepts, tools and cultural notes. To its credit, Mr. Robot has key staff with real information-security experience and hasn’t been shy in tapping security professionals for guidance and even a few cameos. So even if the show isn’t of interest to you plot-wise, and though it’s not always 100% on the mark, Mr. Robot easily wins the prize for most realistic portrayals of hacking on a TV show. (Granted, that’s not necessarily a high mark to clear.)

Since season 3 started airing on 11 October 2017, we thought it’d be worth following along this season as well to see what security tools and concepts pop up as well. (These aren’t plot reviews — there are plenty of...(continued)

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