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SecureWorks shed light on BRONZE BUTLER group that targets Japanese Enterprises

Researchers with Counter Threat Unit at SecureWorks continues to monitor the Bronze Butler cyberespionage group (aka Tick).

Researchers with Counter Threat Unit at SecureWorks are monitoring the Bronze Butler cyberespionage group (aka Tick). The hacker group has been targeting Japanese heavy industry, manufacturing and international relations at least since 2012,

According to the experts, the group is linked to thePeople’s Republic of China and is focused on exfiltrating confidential data.

“BRONZE BUTLER’s operations suggest a long-standing intent to exfiltrate intellectual property and other confidential data from Japanese organizations. Intrusions observed by CTU researchers indicate a focus on networks involved in critical infrastructure, heavy industry, manufacturing, and international relations.” states the analysis published by SecureWorks.

SecureWorks detailed TTPsof the Bronze Butler group, the hackers used spearphishing, strategic web compromises (SWCs) in their...(continued)

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